Rita Lee's (BFA '14) senior thesis project, Eloquence, explores the limitations of language and time, as she embeds sentences in jars of resin, the words carefully crafted on grains of rice.

Yes, that’s right, grains of rice.

Not so easy, you say. Here’s how she did it:

"I just had to find a good pen and I hold the grain of rice between my thumb and index finger. To steady my right hand I wrap my pinkies together so the distance between the nib and the rice grain is more consistent. Longer words I had to switch to a calligraphy nib and water down India ink a little so it runs well and thinly onto the rice. Otherwise, three to eight letter words I can write using a nice technical writing pen (Radiograph)."

Come see Rita’s project and much much more at the senior thesis openings tonight!

C: Yay!

Fresh resin pours and sentence embedding from the other day.


"Love is a lie until we find each other broken, stressed, and uncivil yet we still gravitate towards each other and heal."

"We are not exactly the three musketeers but we help figure out what to do with our lives."

"My condolences to those who never consider that everyone around them is making choices that affect everyone else."